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Durbal Premium Line, WLT and WLK

Heavy-duty rod ends and spherical-plain bearings with integrated selfaligning roller or ball bearing WLT and WLK series

Durbal Company has belonged to Nadella Group since 2014. Thanks to this strategic agreement Nadella Group expanded its product portfolio which now includes rod ends and spherical-plain bearings. Nadella now offers a high performance Premium Line of rod ends using its self-aligning roller or ball bearing technology. Nadella also offers its Classic Line with integral maintenancefree spherical-plain bearings. Durbal’s spherical plain bearings and rod ends are standardized, ready-tomount, mechanical components that are selfaligning and enable multidirectional alignment movements to be made. This design is especially suitable for high speed, large swivelling angles, and rotating movements. Under high loads the WLT series is recommended and for relatively low or medium loads the WLK series is used.

The heavy-duty rod ends WLT are provided in stainless steel with self-aligning roller bearings. This component is preferably used for high speed, wide tilting angles up to 8°, or rotating movements under high loads.

The cage design is for high speed applications. The full complement variant in contrast, is used for higher loads. A special heat treatment procedure ensures the rod end housing and raceway hardness are appropriately adapted to the antifriction bearing, ensuring high stability with hanging loads. These rod ends and spherical plain bearings with long-term lubrication are maintenancefree under normal operating conditions. Shields on both sides prevent dirt particles from penetrating into the bearing.

The heavy-duty rod ends and spherical-plain bearings with integrated self-aligning ball bearings, type WLK, are especially suitable for high speeds, large swivelling angles up to 8.5°, or rotating movements with relatively low or medium loads. Prominent technical features are the low bearing friction, long term greasing as well as the sealing against particulate penetration by means of shields on both sides.

Durbal is able to provide special designs and customized products in order to respond to the customer’s needs.

Edited by Maria Brunetto
Application Engineer