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Durbal Gelenklager Gelenkköpfe

Clevises and folding spring bolts


Clevises are connecting elements that are frequently used in industry. These products are used wherever there are simple movement sequences, e.g. pushing or axial offset compensation.

DURBAL offers clevises for a wide range of applications, in accordance with DIN 71752.

Clevises are used in combination with folding spring bolts to form an AFKB clevis joint, the simplest and quickest to assemble clevis joint. It is characterised  by the speed at which is can be assembled and dismantled.

The basic products in the clevis and folding spring bolt range are part of the DURBAL Basic Line. Our clevises and folding spring blots are of the highest quality and constitute reliable products within the process chain. They are protected against corrosion by galvanisation and their steel composition.

Clevises are used in combination with folding spring bolts to form an AFKB clevis joint. This has been specially designed for the use in linear work processes such as pulling or pushing. This component, which is frequently used in the industry, is simple and functional, making it simple to assemble and dismantle quickly and without tools.

Standardised products from DURBAL.

Thanks to DIN 71752 certification, our machine elements can be used all over Europe.

The folding spring bolts that we offer can always be combined with the appropriate clevis. Please note that we offer standard sizes of 04x08 and 20x40 for our folding spring bolts, and 04x08 and 50x96 for our clevises.

If you have any questions or would like to receive a consultation, we will be happy to assist you.

Special characteristics:

  • Used for linear movements
  • Suitable for attaching on pneumatic cylinders or gas springs
  • All clevises with appropriate folding spring bolts are of steel and protected against corrosion by galvanisation

01 / DG _x_

Clevises in accordance with DIN 71752 Form G. Available as a complete system solution. Sizes from 04x08 to 50x96.

02 / DFKB _x_

Folding spring bolts suitable for clevises in accordance with DIN 71752 Form G. Sizes from 04x08 to 20x40.

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