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Telescopic rails

Schwerlastauszüge Teleskopschienen
Heavy duty telescopic rails for industrial applications
Teleskopschienen als Überauszug
Full extension telescopic rails

Nadella telescopic slides are available in different versions, which are classified according to their extension ratio and their load capacity into part extensions, full extensions, heavy-duty extensions and over extensions.

This results in a large number of versions, depending on the stroke, height, load and available installation space. Effective production of the telescopic rails enables short delivery times with high flexibility.

Simple product selection

The maximum load per pair, the desired stroke and the available installation length determine the product selection. Nadella telescopic slides are designed to have a good safety margin and to have a low deflection in the extended state. This allows the slides to move easily.

Surface protection and stainless steel

Nadella telescopic slides are always protected against corrosion. As standard, the steel receives a blue chromate coating. Other colours such as black or olive and other surface treatments such as zinc or nickel plating are available. For applications in the food sector or shipbuilding, stainless steel slides are available. 

Accessories and special functions

In many applications, other functions are required in addition to linear motion. This can be locks, end stop dampers and limiters or also backward extensions. This can already be implemented as standard in the Nadella telescopic system.

NADELLA Telescopic-Line TL171EN – Full Catalogue
pdf - 23 MB

Unhardened telescopic slides

NADELLA Telescopic-Line Product Matrix
pdf - 56 KB
Teleskopführungen Teilauszug
Teleskopführungen und Teleskopschienen als Teilauszug
NADELLA Telescopic-Line Part extensions
pdf - 3 MB
Teleskopschienen Vollauszüge
Hersteller von Vollauszügen für industrielle Anwendungen
NADELLA Telescopic-Line Full extensions
pdf - 2 MB
Schwerlastauszüge Teleskopschienen
Schwerlast Teleskopschienen für industrielle Anwendungen
NADELLA Telescopic-Line Heavy-duty extensions
pdf - 2 MB
Teleskopschienen als Überauszug
Überauszüge von NADELLA
NADELLA Telescopic-Line Over extensions
pdf - 2 MB
Teleskopschienen Industrie Teleskopführungen
Teleskopschienen und Teleskopführungen direkt vom Hersteller.
NADELLA Telescopic-Line Linear Guides
pdf - 3 MB
Technische Zeichnung Teleskopschiene
Zeichnung eines Teleskopauszugs
NADELLA Telescopic-Line Technology
pdf - 767 KB
NADELLA Telescopic-Line Applications
pdf - 2 MB
NADELLA Telescopic-Line Order code
pdf - 27 KB

Hardened telescopic slides