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Quality and environmental management

ISO 9001

Nadella Group quality management (QM) system was first certified in 1999. In the following years, the QM system was continually developed and adapted to the company's situation.

ISO 14001

In the following period, the board of management management also decided to take account of environmental concerns and the resulting responsibility. For this reason, Nadella GmbH has been certified in accordance with the applicable DIN ISO 14001:2004 environmental standard since March 2006.

Both standards have been combined into an integrated management system.

Download NADELLA Group certificates.

NADELLA Srl Certificate ISO 9001
pdf - 1,012 KB
NADELLA GmbH Certificate ISO 9001
pdf - 78 KB
NADELLA Gmbh Certificate ISO 14001
pdf - 77 KB

Download DURBAL GmbH’s certificates.

DURBAL Certificate ISO 9001
pdf - 515 KB
DURBAL Certificate ISO 14001
pdf - 513 KB