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A road trip exhibition across Denmark, through the pristine landscape of Fjiord, characteristic windmills and charm of the North Sea.

The “Happiest country in the World”, as latest charts define the smallest State among Scandinavian lands, is famous not only for Hamlet, the Little Mermaid or those coloured bricks everyone of us used to play with on his childhood, but also for its High-Tech Industry and Automation.

For that reason NADELLA, this year, decided to greet the end of summer with a week-tour across the 3 major isles of this country, discovering the main companies of its industrial scenario, in order to provide them know-how and expertise on new projects or to improve the performance of existing ones.

For more than 1.500 km routes and 14 stops along Denmark, Linear Road Show DK 2017 brought Nadella, with his distributor partner Acton DK and other participant brands, “literally” to customers’, in order to provide to each company the possibility to discover all the latest news and innovation into the Linear Motion field. All of it surrounded by the astonishing landscape of Danish Fjiord, characteristic installations of their typical windmills or amazing sunsets on the North Sea.

The main goal of traditional fairs, in fact, is choosing the perfect location to host the major exhibitors’ number and, for companies, selecting the best employees to delegate as visitors, inevitably precluding the others to have a wider knowledge about real market offer and demand.

This itinerant show, instead, led to reach any location across the country to meet customers’ place and gave the possibility to Nadella to present his products to a huge entourage among engineers and technicians belonging to the same company, much more than you usually meet on a traditional exhibition.

A big success for Nadella has been achieved with our FSRO circuits, thanks to their versatile use in industrial automation that, due to the high cost of labour in this country, is exponentially growing in all application fields.

Another great triumph for Nadella was reported by the endless Rolbloc that, for Heavy-Duties applications, has no rivals of its kind.

Many other products have been presented in this first edition of Linear Road Show DK 2017, taking Nadella brand high quality even in Northern Europe.

For the workforce interviewed this unprecedented experience has been very positive, both in order to foster the relationship between customers, distributors and manufacturers and to share technical information about market trend or demand of a continuous evolving industry.

For sure, to repeat the next year!